Getting Started with HomeHug: Your AI Family Organizer

December 16, 2023

HomeHug is advanced, yet very simple family to-do organizer, which helps to remember everything and saves lots of your time.

How it works

HomeHug uses AI to convert plain text into to-dos, reminders, and calendar events. When something comes to mind, you just need to write it down, and the AI will take care of putting it in the right place. Here are some examples:

  • Write "John's birthday is on Dec 19th" to create yearly reoccurring todo 'John's birthday' and put it into 'Remember Dates => Birthdays' list
  • Write "buy milk, sugar, potatoes and pack of beer" to add 4 new to-dos to your Shopping List -> Grocery list
  • Write "daughter's doctor appointment tomorrow at 4.15 pm" to schedule event with reminder for 4.15 pm tomorrow and put it into Upcoming view

HomeHug's will understand 99% of what you write and always create, plan and remind about task for you.

Inbox for unplanned to-dos

By default all to-dos falls into the Inbox, which is default bucket for all unstructured and unscheduled tasks. HomeHug's AI will add to-do to the Inbox by default if to-do does not have date associated with it and does not belong to any other list. You can also add to-dos manually by tapping '+'.

To plan task you can tap on it and set a date. Once date is set task is moved out of inbox either to the Today for any tasks planned for today or Upcoming for tasks planned from tomorrow.

Today and Upcoming for planned to-dos

All to-dos, which has associated date falls into either Today for todays tasks or Upcoming for tasks starting from tomorrow. When using AI you can just plain words to tell when the task needs to be planned: at 3 pm, tomorrow, early next week, etc.

Create to-dos with AI

Tap the "+" button and write down your to-dos in a plain text, e.g. 'Add doctor appointment tomorrow at 3.15 pm'. The HomeHug's AI will put them into appropriate list on your behalf.

Switch between AI and manual to-dos creation

Tap the "+" button to create new to-do. Tap on the list icon on the bottom left and choose AI Diary to post with AI or Inbox (or any other list) to create to-dos manually.

Home screen

From the home screen you can: 

  • Access different lists, such as Today, Upcoming, Inbox, Shopping List and others
  • See number of tasks for Today and number of unplanned tasks next to Inbox
  • See the log of to-dos created by AI in AI Diary

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